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“In Hamburg we see diversity as an opportunity. The coexistence of people with different cultures, perspectives and lifestyles is an enrichement for our society. The basis for this is tolerance and a peaceful, respectul coexistence. The campaign of the BID Reeperbahn+ makes an important contribution to this colorful hustle and bustle in St. Pauli.”


Peter Tschentscher – mayor of Hamburg


Campaign for more tolerance!

The “BE NICE!”- campaign was initiated by the BID Reeperbahn+ (an association of property owners and business operators) which has been working since 2008 to develop the entertainment district of St. Pauli through various measures. The aim is to promote peaceful and liberal coexistence in the Reeperbahn area and to send a clear message against attacks based on racism, homophobia and sexism not only within Hamburg but also beyond its borders. 

The slogan “BE NICE!” ist not only spread in English but also in five other languages (German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Turkish) and is supplemented by the statements “No Racism, No Homophobia, No Sexism”.

In numerous motifs that were created during the farmers market on St. Pauli, residents and visitors strongly remind to treat each other with respect so that the cultural diversity in Hamburgs most colorful district and beyond can continue to thrive. 

The latest poster features the mayor of Hamburg Peter Tschentscher with drag queen Valery Pearl. The Image was taken by photographer Andreas Muhme in the “David Quelle” pub on Davidstraße at the request of the mayor.

“This campaign is our contribution to preserving our distrct as a unique place that stands for unrestricted enjoyment. Unrestricted for all! We are very pleased with the great support from the First Mayor Peter Tschentscher.”

Julia Staron – Quartiersmanagerin BID Reeperbahn +


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