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“This campagne is our contribution to maintain our district as a unique place for unrestricted enjoyment. Unrestricted for all.”

Julia Staron – Districtmanagent, BID Reeperbahn+

Campagne for a peaceful Coexistence

The Reeperbahn is a place of cultural diversity and unlimited pleasure. This has always been the case and should remain the case. Respect for each other and for being different is the base for cultural diversity.

In this colourful hustle and bustle on St. Pauli are some rules overridden – but who visits the district should obey the most important rule: Who wants to enjoy himself on the Reeperbahn has to „BE NICE“.

In the past few months the amount of rassist, homophobic and sexual assaults have increased tremendously. Residants of the Reeperbahn, who have declared the Reeperbahn their home, have acknowledged this drastic change with concern and partially do not feel safe anymore.

Many residants of the Reeperbahn got togehter and shot a campagne during the farmers market of St. Pauli. They admonish fellow residants and visitors in a urgent way to treat eacht other respectfully as this is the only way to preserve cultural diversity.

Furthermore is it important to take the theme „BE NICE“ to the staff all over the Reeperbahn. Everyone from the bouncers in front of clubs to the barkeepers should help to make the Reeperbahn a safe place again – for all.

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